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Who are you trying to sell to or in other words…who is your audience? This is the place to start and understand who is buying your product or why it isn’t selling. Who are your competitors?

Do your research and find out how you are different from them. Now see how they are advertising, but don’t copy them – exceed them.

First, consider your market and if you are selling to the right customer and why they may not be buying your product. Do a survey if you can and then you can consider design changes.

Well…if you want people to respond you do. The call-to-action tells people what to do when looking at your advertising or website. For example: “Sign Up Now”, “Come To Our Store and Get a Free Sample”, “Sign Up for 20% Off Today”. There is no need for exclamation points, but some like them.

You have to look at where you are advertising and who is the target audience. Then review the materials you are using (mailers, ads, website design, etc.) to get a better idea of why before making any expensive changes.

Are you sure it is your advertising and not anything related to customer service. Remember, poor customer service can cause a company’s sales to plummet quickly. If that’s the case make some quick internal changes to fix the problem.

Sure it can, but the best question would be why? Did you change the company name, new product, etc. Logo changes can be expensive, so you want to be sure you have a real good reason for the change.

Only if your business need it for sales. Local businesses need to advertise in local media to attract local customers.

Review your booth and table design to see if it actually attracts viewers. Do you have hand-outs and giveaways? Use a sign-up to get a free item or lunch (or something that your business sells).

This is similar to question #13, except you may want to offer an incentive (coupons, BOGO, loyalty rewards, etc.) to keep them coming back.

The first thing to do is to see where you are advertising (newspaper, local magazines, website, etc.). Are you using social media? If so, what sites and maybe look for other sites where your consumer is visiting. Now how are you advertising and are you offering something to attract new customers?

Debated and debated. Some will say no and other yes, but the decision is made on how many customers are using social media. Are you selling to the social media crowd or the people who shun away from it? Review the social sites and see if others are selling similar products to gauge their effectiveness.

Do some research to see who would buy it and where they are (local, on-line, worldwide, etc.) and then decide what media (newspapers, coupon books, social sites, etc.) would best serve to increase your sales.

The first real question…who is your audience? Is your product outdated? Check social media to be sure you don’t have any lingering negative product posts. If you do, answer them in a professional way and don’t just delete them.

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Client Testimonials

“It took a while before we were able to figure out we needed help with our package design. CTS presented us with several options and reasons/statistics why the design needed to stand out from the competition. They even stayed in touch with us after the project was completed.”
S. Thomas – Thomas Seafood

“We were working with a simple and poorly designed label. John
created a label that has branded our product in a professional way. He even came up with a way to use one label design with a space for the different names of wines.”
Jim S – Grey Dove Boutique Wines

“John at Creative Tablet Studio was true to his word. By using email and telephone, he was able to get us the product we needed: A branding for our new project. What really impressed me about John was that he always knew the right questions to ask. It really made the process effortless.”
C. Rose –Recovery Cafe Spokane

We Are Solution Oriented Problem Solvers

How Do We Work?

  • We meet with you (phone or in-person).
  •  Create ideas for more customers.
  • Your approval of the ideas.
  • Design & implement approved designs.
  • Stay in-touch after project is completed.

What Do We Do?

  • Branding/Re-Brand
  • Newsletters
  • Corporate Literature
  • Trade Show Designs
  • UX Design Elements
  • Ads & Banners
  • Podcasts (Advertising & Creativity)

What Do We Give You?

  • Our Dedication
  • Complete Focus
  • Extremely Driven
  • Creative Innovation
  • Goal Driven Projects
  • Problem Solvers
  • More Creative Solutions

How Do We Get Our Ideas?

The process starts in our brains. Check out the image above and you can see the complete process in action.

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